Heating System Installation Kingwood TX

Heating Installation Kingwood, TXHomes that don’t have a functional heating system often contend with cold bone-chilling winters. Apart from being uncomfortable, such frigid conditions also pose a serious health risk to dwellers as they can contract pneumonia

Likewise, inefficient heaters that don’t produce sufficient warmth rising from the vents or radiators have poor Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) numbers, which measures the total percentage of fuel energy converted to heat instead of being lost through the chimney or any other inefficiencies. This leads to expensive power costs. If your system is more than 10yrs old then a new heating installation is required. Need heating installation Kingwood TX give us a call today.

In extremely cold winters, those who don’t have heaters in their homes can develop frostbite which is characterized by rigid limbs and reduced movements. Even worse, there are people who have had their legs or fingers amputated due to excessive freezing. Children would be affected more by such conditions which could as well lead to depression.

Our bodies require sufficient warmth in order to function normally, but if the heating system is missing then it means certain body organs may shut down due to lowered temperatures. Such a situation can be life-threatening especially if it’s the vital body organs that have been affected. To stop your heating system from shutting down please call us Heating System Kingwood TX today.

Why purchase a heating system?

At Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, we offer quality heating system installation services for the residents of Kingwood TX. We’ll ensure that you don’t have to go through bitter winters ever again. Our technicians install only the best American Standard heating units that are guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

Moreover, all the equipment we use for work is certified for great quality. They help us complete tasks much faster and efficiently to your satisfaction. Furthermore, we always strive to cut costs on heating installation service so that our customers can complete their projects successfully without any financial strains.

Common Questions:

How messy can central heating installation be?

Since it involves putting up a new pipework and heating controls, certain disruptions may be unavoidable such as a temporary cut to the home’s electrical system. Nevertheless, as a dependable heating installation company, we’ll try our best to ensure that there’s minimal interruption in your home while work is in progress. Also keeping you updated on the progress of our job at all times.

What size heating system is appropriate for my home?Will I incur any risk by accepting the lowest bid?

There are absolutely no risks in installing the kind of heater that you want for your home, just be sure that it’s a good pick. Nowadays there are cheap heaters that are still durable and dependable. Apart from electric heaters, we also stock other affordable options that you can choose from.

When is it appropriate to replace my heating system?

As a general rule, consider replacing your system once it reaches 3/4 of its life expectancy. In such situations, repairs would be more costly than simply getting a new heating system. Likewise, a new heater is more efficient in terms of energy usage thus saving you on bills. If your old unit is consuming too much power then it’s probably time to do a replacement.

How much does it cost to install a heating unit?

Putting up a basic standard-efficiency heating unit will cost you $1700 to $4000, whereas complex models are more expensive at between $5000 and $7000. Despite these costs, you’ll still benefit by saving up to $200 a year on reduced power expenses.


Uni-Serve Air Conditioning is the most dedicated heating repair and installation company that you can find in Kingwood TX today, we are eager to hear from you so feel free to give us a call at any time.