Heating Repair Kingwood, TX

Heating Repair Kingwood TX tech workingThe importance of heating repair Kingwood TX cannot be overemphasized. Not only do this services ensure that your HVAC system is working well, it will also protect you against the cold season, and freezing when winter comes.

Why You Need Heating Repair Kingwood TX?

Heating systems repair is designed to ensure that your heating systems work well. These repair services will go a long way, therefore, in making your home more habitable especially at night and when the weather conditions change and become cold. Failure to get your system repaired might even make you susceptible to such cold-related health conditions as asthma, flu, and bronchitis, among others.

Hire a Heating Repair Kingwood TX Today

At Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to providing exceptional heating repair Kingwood TX. When you call on us, therefore, you can be sure that we have an affordable solution for you. Whether you need your system to be looked at or you are sure it has to be repaired, you can always count on our professionally-trained and licensed technicians to come to you as soon as you give us a call.


Q: Why is heating repair important?

A: As a homeowner, it is critical that you take care of your heating system. During summer, it is likely that you will never switch on your heating system/furnace. Therefore, this might mean that you need to get it looked at before switching it on. Failure to get quality heating repair services will make your family susceptible to the effects of adverse cold and low temperatures during autumn and winter.

Q: How can I prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?

A: Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas created by incomplete combustion. Since it can leak out of any fuel or gas burning appliances and it is highly toxic, you are at risk of getting poisoned by this gas.

To ensure this does not happen, you need to call in a heating repair contractor from Uni-Serve Air Conditioning regularly. We will inspect your appliances (especially your furnaces) to ensure that everything is working well. We also recommend that you install carbon monoxide detectors in your home to protect yourself.

Q: Do I really need to get both my furnace and A/C tuned up yearly?

A: If you want to save time, energy and money, you should get both your A/C and furnace tuned up every year. These annual tune-ups are highly recommended by local utilities, the Department of Energy, Energy Star, and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for a reason. Not only will they save you money by preventing the expenses of costly repairs, the heating systems repair will also improve the efficiency of both the A/C and the furnace.

FAQ Cont.

Q: How Do I Select the Right Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor?

A: The heating repair contractor you choose will determine how well the system will be dealt with. Therefore, you need to select a contractor who has factory-trained installers, service departments dealing with emergencies and have been in business for a minimum of 5 years. You should also confirm that they have a rating of A or A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Where possible, ask them for their HVAC License Number to ensure that the repair and installation project will comply with State and City Codes. Remember, you will also need them to advise you, provide you with warranty coverage and take care of any extra services long after they are done with the heating system repair project.

Q: Should I Replace the Furnace and Air Conditioner/Heat Pump at the Same Time?

A: Your air conditioner/heat pump and furnace share certain components. Although you probably think that they are separate systems, the truth of the matter is that they share some key components. For instance, they use one hair handle to blow the conditioned air all through your home. This is why you should ask the heating repair contractor from Uni-Serve Air Conditioning to check both of these pieces of equipment when they come over.

Q: How Do I know if My Heat Pump should be Repaired or Replaced?

A: The condition and age of your heat pump, whether you intend to live in your current residence over the long term, and the functioning of your system should inform you about whether you should get it repaired or replaced. Generally speaking, you need to replace a heat pump that is 13+ years old, requires expensive repairs going over the $500 mark, and isn’t functioning as it once used to.

Q: What Should I Check Prior to Calling?

A: Before you give Uni-Serve Air Conditioning a call, ensure that your thermostat is set at 68 F to 75 F and it is in the Heat Pump Mode (and not in the Emergency Heat) mode. Additionally, check the filter to see if it is clogged and/or is restricting the flow of air.


Interested in learning more about our heating repair service? Want to get your heating systems repaired? Then get in touch with Uni-Serve Air Conditioning today. We are available 24/7 for heating system installation and repair services and can be reached by a phone call and email.