Heater Maintenance

Heating Maintenance by Uni-Serve Air Conditioning

Scheduled heating maintenance can make all the difference in your indoor air comfort during the cool season of the year. An unmaintained heating system will often run inefficiently, causing you to waste money with more expensive monthly heating bills, plus it can turn small problems into big issues that are costly to repair. Contact the heating maintenance experts at Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, serving Kingwood, Pasadena, Clear Lake, Texas, and the surrounding areas of the Houston Metro Area, since 1987. Gain comfort, confidence and peace of mind in knowing your HVAC system has undergone regular preventative maintenance. Our heating maintenance technicians will inspect and evaluate the operation of your heating system, tuning up, cleaning and repairing the HVAC system as needed. Stop small but developing issues right in their tracks with a preventative heating maintenance session completed before the cool season starts to put heavy demands on your heating system.

Why Heating Maintenance is So Important to the Smooth Operation of Your HVAC System

Do you realize how important it is to schedule professional preventative heating maintenance to safeguard one of your largest investments in your home or business—your HVAC system? Heaters are taxed to the limit during the cool season of the year, and getting the equipment ready to perform smoothly, reliably and efficiently requires pre-season heating maintenance.

Turn to the loyal leaders in heating maintenance service—Uni-Serve Air Conditioning. A heating unit is a hard-working piece of equipment that combines mechanical, electronic and fluid-dynamic sub-systems and components to run right. Just like you need to maintain your vehicle to rely on it, so should you schedule regular heating maintenance on your HVAC system. Get into the habit of setting annual HVAC maintenance in late summer and early fall before your HVAC system is cranked up for heating.

Heating Maintenance: The Key to Critical to Protecting Your HVAC System  

In addition to regular professional maintenance, we advise replacement of air filters in your heating system monthly. The heating maintenance team at Uni-Serve Air Conditioning is ready to assist you with complete heating maintenance services, which can include:

  • Checking coolant levels and testing for refrigerant leaks
  • Capturing all refrigerants to be removed from the system
  • Checking and sealing leaking ductwork
  • Measuring the flow of air through the evaporator coil
  • Verifying the electric control sequence is correct and ensuring that the heating and cooling system do not operate simultaneously
  • Inspecting electrical terminals, applying non-conductive coating where required, and clean and tighten all connections
  • Oiling motors
  • Check the belts for wearing and adjusting tightness
  • Checking accuracy and calibrating thermostat
  • Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils

Contact Us for Heating Maintenance

Call us for any routine heating service, emergency heating service or seasonal heating maintenance. Uni-Serve Air Conditioning provides superior heating maintenance service, equipment and technician talent to each job. Maintaining indoor air comfort during the cool seasons of the year is easy when you rely on Uni-Serve Air Conditioning for regular heating maintenance. We proudly serving Kingwood, Pasadena and Clear Lake, Texas, plus the surrounding areas of the Houston Metro Area. Set up your heating maintenance session today.
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