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Your home’s ductwork system may develop certain problems that will require new installation, particularly if the damage is done beyond repair. A badly designed and installed duct unit might fail to supply and return back the required airflow as needed, this could cause poor heating and cool inside your house which can be disastrous during the winter season. The situation can only be avoided by doing a fresh ductwork installation.

Furthermore, plastic ducts which are common nowadays in most homes may get torn, crushed or twisted thus impeding their efficiency. These constrictions in airflow will also cause your unit to work harder in order to move air evenly throughout the house. Often leading to high electricity bills.

An inadequate venting system can cause rapid temperature fluctuations inside the house, potentially leading to hypothermia especially during cold seasons. It’s a condition characterized by body temperatures falling below what is considered as normal. When not treated early enough hypothermia can be fatal.

A faulty duct also increases the chances of contracting airborne diseases such as flu or tuberculosis, considering that the air entering your house from outside is not properly filtered before coming in.

TB is also contagious meaning that if one family member gets it then others may as well contract the disease through coughs, sneezing or simply talking to each other. The disease is spread through droplets containing bacteria which is inhaled into the victim’s system.

How Important Ductwork Design and Installation

Additionally, it might be easy to ignore the overall design of your ducts but this layout is actually very important. When the vents are too long then it means your system will be less efficient, considering that air has to pass through the entire channel from one end to another. This can be both times consuming and become an inconvenience. You can prevent such problems by simply getting a new ductwork design and installation.

Hire a Ductwork Installation Kingwood TX

Uni-Serve Air Conditioning is your trusted partner in all matters ductwork, we do both assessment and installation services at affordable rates that you’ll be proud of. Our customers will benefit from same-day services, including high-grade equipment, innovative ideas for solving hard-to-cool rooms and expert installations with no incidents to report.

Trust us in finding unique ways of making your home comfortable through our ductwork solutions. If you are a resident of Kingwood TX then look no further than us, we have the expertise and experience to install all kinds of ductwork systems you’ll want in your home. It doesn’t matter whether they are complex or simple we will do the work.

All our ducts are certified to American Standard quality, giving you maximum longevity with very little maintenance required throughout their lifetime. Furthermore, we have flexible operation schedules to suit everyone’s needs, even those who are usually busy during weekdays.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s involved in installing a new ductwork system?

Installing a new ductwork usually begins with finding a proper HVAC duct system design, this is a delicate computerized process for determining the actual size of an equipment as well as an actual layering of the ventilation unit. The end result is a layout formula that shows the actual size and location of your ducts, including each registry level that’s needed.

Once this is done, the ductwork installation contractor will install a plaster frame on the surrounding wall to make it easier to slice through the drywall encircling the return air openings. This should preferably be mounted 3-inches above the wall for better grip.

In terms of payment, replacing an old, leaky or inadequate ductwork will cost around $35-$55 per linear foot for materials and labor. Also, depending on the overall length and type of duct system being used expect to spend around $1,000 to $5,000 for a typical single-family home. The total number of intake and output vents required to create comfortable temperatures inside the house will also affect pricing. The more they are, the more expensive it would be.

How long will it take to install a ductwork?

This shall take us only a day, our technicians will arrive on site promptly after we receive a call from you and deliver the job to your satisfaction.

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