Duct Restoration

Duct Restoration Services by the Experts at Uni-Serve Air Conditioning

Restore your HVAC ductwork with help from the professional duct restoration team at Uni-Serve Air Conditioning to return reliably fresh, clean and health indoor air comfort to your home or business. No matter what the condition of your existing ducting, our elite duct restoration team will make your ductwork look and function like new again.

Residents and business owners depend on the ducting of their HVAC systems for healthy ventilation and movement of cool air from air conditioning and warm air from heaters. If ductwork is broken, leaking, obstructed or improperly installed, air flow and distribution suffers and so do inhabitants of the structures. To prevent problems with poorly operating air conditioning and heating, ventilation and unhealthy air quality, turn to professionals in duct restoration—Uni-Serve Air Conditioning. We are recognized as the region’s ductwork restoration leader in Kingwood, Pasadena and Clear Lake, Texas, and the surrounding areas of the Houston Metro Area. We do it all when it deals with ductwork restoration, including duct inspection, duct cleaning, duct repair and duct replacement.

Full Restoration of Your HVAC Ductwork  

Uni-Serve Air Conditioning is the leader in HVAC duct restoration for for residential and light commercial customers in the Houston Metro Area communities Clear Lake, Kingwood and Pasadena, Texas. Whether you are considering upgrading your existing ductwork, fixing leaky ductwork or having new ductwork installed, connect with the duct restoration specialists at Uni-Serve Air Conditioning. We can remove duct obstructions, seal leaks, repair damaged sections and add new ductwork to even out the air flow, balance air distribution and improve your indoor air quality.

Our complete duct restoration services include:

  • Duct inspection
  • Duct cleaning
  • Duct insulation
  • Duct patching
  • Duct rebuilding
  • Duct rehabilitation
  • Duct repairing
  • Duct sealing
  • Duct upgrading

Call the Experts at Duct Restoration | Uni-Serve Air Conditioning

Talk to our duct restoration team to develop an improvement plan for your HVAC ductwork. A professional duct restoration may be one of the top actions you can take to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and to improve the quality of your indoor air. If your have older ductwork infrastructure, you have significant potential improvements you can achieve by sealing the many possible holes and breaks in your ducting. What are your questions and concerns about duct restoration? Our ductwork restoration team members are available and ready to help you understand the benefits of taking action to restore your ductwork. We would be pleased to meet you on-site to discuss your needs and put together a no-obligation, free estimate. You will be surprised at how affordable duct restoration can be, and the energy savings can be truly surprising. Call the professionals in duct restoration today: Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, serving Kingwood, Pasadena and Clear Lake, Texas, plus the surrounding areas of the Houston Metro Area.
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