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HVAC ContractorJust like a car engine, your home HVAC system is a mechanical device with parts such as motor and other electrical and mechanical components that need not only routine but also preventive maintenance. This means that unless it is maintained routinely and properly by an experienced HVAC contractor, even the best air conditioning and heating equipment could without warning or known cause experience complications and become less effective and efficient over time.

Failure to have your HVAC installed and maintained properly is not only risky but is also quite expensive at the end of the day. This is mainly because in your home, an HVAC system is a vital component that’s in its very nature not cheap to purchase and install. In many homes, an HVAC system does constitute a significant percentage of the energy bill and failure to properly install or maintain the same can be quite expensive; literally. It is also important to emphasize that as earlier mentioned, there are very many things that can go wrong with an HVAC system. Unfortunately, almost all of them usually call for the intervention of a professional and highly qualified HVAC technician. It is therefore very important to engage from the onset, the services of a reliable and experienced company for all your air conditioning services.

Why Choose Uni-Serve for your Air Conditioning Services?

Uni­-Serve Air Conditioning is one such company. With more than 25 years of experience in the market, we are a family owned and operated business that’s known for its highly skilled and courteous employees who not only provide clients with apt solutions but does so within budget. With us, you can stay rest assured that you shall always experience superior customer attention, prompt service and unparalleled level of attention to detail. Even though our specialty remains residential work, we have the technical expertise to effectively and efficiently handle light commercial applications up to 25 tons.

To fully appreciate the need for routine and preventive maintenance by a qualified HVAC company, here are some insightful answers to common problems experienced by homeowners.


Q: Is sound a factor heating and air conditioning?

A: Yes. Loud heating and cooling equipment is a major contributor to sound pollution. The sound or noise level of a heat pump or air conditioner does depend on several factors such as make the equipment and its age as well as whether its compressor is well insulated or not.

Q: How will i know if there is an existing warranty on my air conditioner, furnace of HVAC system?

A: simply locate the label that’s on the exterior surface of the equipment and get the date of manufacture. Generally, if the unit is less than 5 years, it will most likely have a warranty. It is worth mentioning that this depends on the installing company and manufacturer.

Q: Why is my AC system frozen?

A: There are numerous reasons why this can happen. This may include but not limited to having a low refrigerant, dirty evaporator coil as well as a defective relay or blower motor. Always have a professional technician handle your HVAC.

Q: What is a service call fee?

A: This is a bill for the expense that’s associated with the resources such as time and travel costs used to diagnose, inspect and offer an expert recommendation for a home HVAC system by a qualified, certified technician.

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