AC Installation in Kingwood, TX

Factors for Having an AC Installation

AC Installation in Kingwood, TXSometimes the home’s A/C system can become dysfunctional due to excessive usage or technical faults. If this ever happens to you then the best thing to do is a complete ac installation. A bad AC will not only increase your electricity bill but also poses a great risk to family members who may be electrocuted by unpredictable voltage surges.

When hot air cools inside damaged vents, it causes a lot of humidity and condensation to form which in turn becomes a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. Moreover, it creates exposure to dangerous airborne particles that may enter your house and spread diseases such as a sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, and headaches.

Cases of vomiting, nausea, and muscular ache have also been reported in some homes with poor AC systems. Including more serious conditions like bronchitis, influenza, and asthma.

Furthermore, continuous exposure to airborne contaminants raises your risk of frequent hospital admissions which can be quite expensive. Studies also show that it can cause premature deaths as well as cardiovascular conditions. Not to mention the harmful greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere.

Finding the Right Ac Installation Company

At Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, we offer the best ac installation service in Kingwood TX and its surrounding regions. We have been in business for more than 25 years, hence giving us enough experience to work on all types of A/C systems whether new or old which need replacement. Though our technicians primarily work on residential systems, we also handle light commercial-grade applications not exceeding a weight of 25 tons.

We only employ courteous and highly skilled technicians who are ready to give you customized solutions to your problems. Uni-Serve Air Conditioning also provides same-day services for emergency cases with upfront pricing as well, so that you won’t have to worry about hidden costs affecting your budget.

Those who want to apply for special financing with approved credit can also contact us for further direction. We are located at 2723 Cedarville Drive, Kingwood TX 77345.


Why is A/C installation so expensive?

It usually involves several steps that must be done in succession and all of them cost money. First, a thorough assessment of the home must be done to determine what type of air conditioner is suitable for you. Including its overall size and features. Thereafter, you’ll have to buy a new AC from your pocket before our technicians finally come to fit it.

How long does it take to install an AC system?

This job will only take us one day to finish, assuming that there are no major complications which need to be looked at first. We’ll assign you a competent air conditioner installer who can replace any existing unit with a new one in just a day.

However, for complex installations that involve electrical issues, or installing a line-set through finished living rooms, it may take us a little longer.

Why should I buy a new air-conditioner?

A bad air conditioning system means that some rooms in your house will become too hot or too cold. Likewise, leaky ductwork could make the air entering your home very thin and dry, especially during winter season.

Your AC should also be replaced when it becomes unreliable, by breaking down easily and leading to frequent repairs that are expensive to do. All these situations will require you to buy a new air conditioner for convenience sake.

How much will it cost me to install AC in my home?

On average, this process will cost you anywhere between $2000 and $10,000. But again it depends on what you want us to do exactly, for multiple installations in different rooms it would cost more than when a single unit is installed to serve the entire home.

The type of A/C system being put up will also determine the cost, some have more functions than others and may attract a higher price to install. Otherwise, be assured that our team shall first invite you over to discuss the pricing before a final quotation is given. We do this to ensure that our clients are always represented in every step we take.

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